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Java Arcade Games
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Asteroid Games
Absolute Space: Shoot-em-all game with an innovative battle system.
Abalis: Shoot the UFOs and Planets coming your way while collecting the rotating 4-star objects.
Asteroids: Destroy the asteroids before they destroy you.
Castles: This Java game is based on an early computer game. For one to four players, or test your skills against the computer.
Skeet Shooting: Test your skill with this new action game. Shoot the skeet and the squirrel.
Spheres of Chaos: Asteroid shoot em up game.
Tempest: A clone of the Atari coin-op Tempest. It even records high scores.
Trekkieroids: A Star Trek-style asteroids game.
Missile Command Games
Rocket Game: Destroy the rockets before they hit your ship.
Rocks: Protect four cities from falling asteroids.

Other Arcade Games
3D Tank: Use your tank to destroy your enemy tanks and their headquarters.
Big Gun: Control the tank and defeat the enemy.
Defender of the Moon: You are the commander of a tank on a desert moon. Aliens from Vraktu VII are attacking the base to steal it's energy... Defend the base!
Centipede: Rid your garden of pests in this game.
Game Console: Offering a selection of arcade games including: 3D Golf, Tail Gunner, Tux on the Run, Simon, Nibbly, Super Snake, Cliffie, Real Invaders, Asteroids and Javanoids.
Invaders: Shoot down the spaceships.
Iridium: Save the planet Irue from destruction in this 10 level action game.
J-Rio Land: This is a remake of the famous game "Super Mario Land" invented by Nintendo.
Pacman: The classic Pacman game.
Java Miner: Collect all the diamonds, while avoiding hostiles, to move to the next level.
Pac Wars: PacWars is a two-player Pacman-esque fighting game. Each player starts with some health, bullets, and mines, and they fight until one runs out of health.
Real Invaders: The earth is being invaded and you are the first line of defense ... the only defense! Play this space invaders game and save the world - maybe the universe. COOL
Shooting Gallery: Shoot the ducks to get points and knock them over.
Sky Defender: Shoot down the enemy planes.
Space War: A free, classic Galaga-like shooter. The aim is to destroy 20 of the evil RichbaStards control satelites, save the world, and win the girl.
Speck Invaders: Speck Invaders is another variation of the classic arcade game Space Invaders.
Star Game: This is an arcade game in space!
Super Java Invaders: Super Java Invaders for larger monitors.
Tailgunner: This free tailgunner applet will blow your mind!
Torpedo Alley: Torpedo is a fun game with professional sound and graphics that will keep you glued to your computer. COOL
UFO Attack: Slick UFO game with great audio/visual effects.
Urbanoids: A city full of homicidal robots.
Wastem: Shoot the clay pigeons (red balls). Keep your score above the target score and you advance to the next level. .

Action Games
Breakout Games
Bap: A breakout clone.
Boulderdash: Grab the diamonds, but avoid the falling rocks and swarming fireflies.
Breakout 1: simple, colorful, fast loading game.
Breakout 2: A very addictive game with plenty of features. COOL
Javanoid: Fast loading popular game. COOL
Kuzushi: Gives you a time limit to knock out all the blocks.
Car Game
3D Driver: Steer the car down the road and avoid hitting anything.
Nibble Games
Nibbles: You're a space worm and must eat stars, avoiding the opponent, the walls, and yourself.
Nibbly: Help the worm eat all the apples.
Snake: Try to make the snake eat as many blocks as possible.
Snake Pit: Feed the snake the mice.
ZSnake: A snake-based game with 16 levels, 5 difficulty levels & 3 different kind of apples to eat.

Ping Pong Games
LSPong: Play against the computer, hitting the ball back against the wall.
Ping Pong: Nice version of the original game where the player controls both bats.
Street Hockey: An awesome version of the game where you play against the computer. COOL
Other Action Games
Canoe Clobber: Help Carl to fish by clobbering his prey.
Cliffe: Deliver the mail without getting hit by a car or bitten by a dog. COOL
Drop Game: Collect as many raindrops as possible while avoiding fireballs and falling bombs.
Gophers: Smack all the gophers by clicking on them with your mouse!
Pac Tag: A 2 player game where one player tries to tag the other, then they swtich.
Red Bugs: Smash the green bugs before and avoid touching the red bugs.
Tank Game: Blast the other tanks before they blast you.
Tux On The Run: Collect the gold coins and get the key to unlock the door to the next level. COOL

Card and Board Games
Blackjack: Simple, visually appealing game of Blackjack.
Maxy Yatzy: Online version of the Yatze game.
Checkers: You control the red checkers and the computer controls the white checkers.
Siji: An old game where you score by guiding an object over another object.
Video Poker: Test your skill and luck with this Video Poker game. COOL

Dynamic Games
3D Maze: Use the arrow keys to find your way out of the maze.
Tic Tac Toe: Play 3 simultaneous games of Tic Tac Toe against the computer.
Bridges: Create a line which goes from one side of the board to the other before the computer.
Connect 4: Try to connect 4 chips in one row before the computer does.
Find It: Can you find and click on the differences between the 2 pictures?
Rat in a Maze: Help the rat get out of the maze.
Rush Hour: Help the red beetle to get to the exit. COOL
Same Game: Very colorful and loud game.

Sport Games
Carpet Golf: A very addictive 3D gold game. COOL
Click Ball: Are you fast enough to keep the soccer ball up in the air?
Linx: An excellent 18 holes game of golf.
Long Ball: Baseball game.
Pool: Amazing game of online pool. COOL
Word Games and Puzzles
Crossword: Simple online crossword puzzle.
IQ Test: Fun IQ test. Don't take it seriously :)
Word Find: A colorful word find game.
Word Find: Very well designed word find game. COOL
Word Hunt: Can you find the words amongst all the letters? - Top 100 Sites Listed By Order Of Popularity